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shellCMS uploaded, online docs

September 02, 2017 — BarryK

I have beavered away, adding features to shellCMS. Got to say, this is fun.

Documentation is starting, and is to be found here:

Yes, is now driven by shellCMS, installed at the root of the site, as explained here:

It is most interesting to consider what more can be done to enhance shellCMS. Inherited from BashBlog, is support for Twitter or Disqus comments plugin. I tried the latter, didn't like it, plan to give Twitter a go.

shellCMS, as with BashBlog, is a single small shell script. Inherited from Bashblog is the ability to edit the html files after they are generated from markdown, or even not use markdown at all and create the posts directly with html.
There may be problems with this though, and I will probably change the script to insist on posts created and edited by markdown. That change would simplify parts of the script.

Another thing that would be great would be a GUI. probably using gtkdialog. The shellcms.tar.gz tarball could have gtkdialog bundled in it, for convenience when using on other Linux distributions.

Also, a search-box would be great, perhaps using google.

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