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Tag links fixed in shellCMS

March 03, 2018 — BarryK

I noticed in some cases the link to category pages was wrong. For example link to '' when it should have been ''.

Fixed, and latest tarball uploaded here:

For anyone interested in shellCMS, the frontpage is here: 

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shellCMS page links fix

February 10, 2018 — BarryK

In this blog, some categories have many posts. When viewing a particular category, for example "quirky", they are split over up-to 9 pages, 8 posts per page. The 9th page has a link to an index page, to find older posts.

However, it wasn't building quite right. It only built up to 5 pages, and the "Older" link on each page was wrong.

I studied the code and found the cause of the problem. The fixed shellCMS is uploaded:

Here is the "quirky" category, you can follow the "Newer" and "Older" links at the bottom of the page:

Read all about shellCMS here:  

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shellCMS bug fixes

November 10, 2017 — BarryK

There were a couple of bugs.

Using SeaMonkey Composer to create a new post, the shellcms script is supposed to wait until SM exits, before continuing with executing the script, however, sometimes did not wait. This was due to pidof being executed too soon.

When save a new post as a draft, the name of the file in the drafts folder was wrong.

The latest shellCMS is here:

GUI for shellCMS

Quirky and Easy still have PPLOG personal blog, in the "Personal" category of the menu. However, it no longer works.

I kept it in the menu, in the hope that it would be fixed. However, shellCMS can perform the same function, and a lot more. But first, I need to write a GUI for shellCMS.

shellCMS can then be used as a notes manager and blog, on local machine as well as a remote site. It may also be a replacement for Notecase.

The intention is, this shellCMS GUI will be in the next release of Pyro64.

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shellCMS category front-pages

September 17, 2017 — BarryK

I have added a very nice enhancement to shellCMS, per-category front-pages, and have written a tutorial page to introduce it:

Here is a front-page for the "shellcms" category:

Notice too, it has its own top-banner. Now, all posts in that category have that banner.

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Local www folder hierarchy matches remote site

September 14, 2017 — BarryK

When I first created shellCMS (forked from BashBlog), I specified the local copy of the website in a folder named LOCAL. If there is a nested shellCMS, say "news", then it was in LOCAL/news/LOCAL, which is getting weird. And difficult to understand when looking at shellCMS for the first time.

I have modified the shellcms script so that the local website is now www, and everything inside is exactly as it will be on the remote host. This greatly simplifies everything, and is easy to understand.

I have rewritten these tutorials accordingly:

There is another improvement that I want to work on next, that users will like. Hope to implement that tomorrow morning.

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Sitemap created for

September 10, 2017 — BarryK

I have written another documentation page for shellCMS, explaining how to create a sitemap file and submit it to Google:

It turned out to be very easy, and I am updating the sitemap every time that I do an upload.

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shellCMS now has a search box

September 09, 2017 — BarryK

The search box is at the top of the "Barry's News" page. It could be placed on other pages.

It is a simple html form, using Google. very simple.

The config file in shellCMS has variable search_box_pages, which specifies on what pages (or none) that the search box is to appear.

I made a submission to Google to spider my site, however, at the time of writing this, it is far from complete, showing many links that no longer exist.

I need to do some experimenting, as the box width is not displaying correctly on my browser. In the <form> tag, there is the <input> tag, with size="20", which according to online docs, is supposed to set the width of the box to 20 characters. But it doesn't.

Have changed the search box to the official one from duckduckgo, created here:

Have created a variable search_box_engine, to be able to offer a choice of search engine. Currently it is search_box_engine="duckduckgo"

I was reading about duckduckgo. Apparently it does not do much web crawling. Instead it probes other search engines, in particular Bing. So there is nowhere to submit a URL to duckduckgo, have to submit to Bing, then duckduckgo will pick it up.
Which won't happen immediately, and I read some complaints on how long that takes. So, there is a downside to duckduckgo.  

Have got the google search box working. Which is what you see above. Enter a search term, and it will open in a new browser tab, and search the site.

The variable is now search_box_engine="google"

There is still a problem. I cannot change the width of the search box. Tried "width" style, the "size" parameter, no go. Just ignores everything, displays at the default width, whatever that is. Viewing with SeaMonkey.

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