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shellCMS bug fixes

November 10, 2017 — BarryK

There were a couple of bugs.

Using SeaMonkey Composer to create a new post, the shellcms script is supposed to wait until SM exits, before continuing with executing the script, however, sometimes did not wait. This was due to pidof being executed too soon.

When save a new post as a draft, the name of the file in the drafts folder was wrong.

The latest shellCMS is here:

GUI for shellCMS

Quirky and Easy still have PPLOG personal blog, in the "Personal" category of the menu. However, it no longer works.

I kept it in the menu, in the hope that it would be fixed. However, shellCMS can perform the same function, and a lot more. But first, I need to write a GUI for shellCMS.

shellCMS can then be used as a notes manager and blog, on local machine as well as a remote site. It may also be a replacement for Notecase.

The intention is, this shellCMS GUI will be in the next release of Pyro64.

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