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Running Easy in RAM

October 15, 2017 — BarryK

Forum member belham2 posted about the possibility of running Easy in RAM. What he means, is that bootup from USB-stick, then Easy running totally in RAM and able to unplug USB-stick.

Easy 0.6 (coming soon) kind of does this. You can take a snapshot of the current session (see Filesystem -> Easy Version Control), then edit the kernel boot parameters, insert "qfix=bak".
This will cause a rollback to the snapshot at every bootup.

That is a reasonable security measure.

If you really want to be able to unplug the USB-stick after bootup, for a perceived greater security, that can also be done, using zram.

I have implemented support for zram, for the upcoming 0.6.

In the BOOT_SPECS file in initrd.q, if you put "WKG_PARTNUM=0", the init script in initrd.q will take that to mean /dev/zram0, and will set that as the working partition.

This will of course mean a pristine bootup each time, no saved session. So, if you want to have network setup, etc., pre-configured, you would have to remaster Easy (see Setup -> Remaster Easy Linux), then set "WKG_PARTNUM=0".

Personally, I prefer the first technique. There is a perception that the second technique would be more secure. I will need to think more on that.

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