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XkbConfigurationManager patched

October 15, 2017 — BarryK

Puppy Forum member lp-dolittle reported a problem with setting the Swiss-German keyboard layout. I responded:

I was browsing around in the Forum, reading old posts about XkbConfigurationManager, and came across this post from npierce, dated February 4, 2012:

Then I realised that those patches, submitted in 2012, have still not been applied to XkbConfigurationManager!

Not mine in woofQ anyway. What about woof-CE? -- no, XkbConfigurationManager is not in woof-CE, it is a separate PET:, it does not have those patches. But then, that PET is still using xorg.conf, so perhaps is no longer used in Puppy builds.

Anyway, after an incredible delay of five years, I have applied the patches from npierce. I have XkbConfigurationManager in rootfs-skeleton/usr/local/apps/XkbConfigurationManager in woofQ.

...I will have to tell npierce about this! Haven't "seen" him on the Forum for a long time though.

Tags: easy