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AMD/ATI BARTS XT Radeon HD 6870 card

December 30, 2017 — BarryK

I purchased a second-hand midi-tower PC in May of this year:

It has on-board Intel video, but also came with an enormous AMD PCI-bus video card, model BARTS XT, also known as Radeon HD 6870.

I removed the AMD card before first power-on, and never put it back. However, testers of Easy/Quirky Pyro64 have reported issues with NVIDIA and AMD video, so I decided to plug in my AMD card and test it.

Booting Easy Pyro64 0.6.4 from USB-drive, get a desktop. Fine, but 'glxinfo' reported software rasterising. Also, exit from X to commandline results in a blank screen. Also, under certain conditions, that I have not yet narrowed down, there is a hang at bootup.

This is actually "good news", as I am getting problems that testers have reported, so I have something to work with.


More info:

Yet another fan! Note, the HD 6870 was released late in 2010. Note also, I am using the HDMI output, not those big DVI sockets (I have never used DVI, know nothing about it).

Tags: easy, quirky