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Easy OS Pyro64 0.6.4 released

December 18, 2017 — BarryK

On October 5, 2017, I released Easy Xerus64 0.5, based on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus DEBs:

Since then, I have been building with packages compiled from source using OpenEmbedded. This is codenamed the "Pyro" series, and prior to now have released Quirky Linux Pyro64 0.6.

Now, have released a "Pyro" build for Easy OS. There were internal version numbers, this released version is 0.6.4.


The primary download site for Easy 0.6.4 is, here:

The download is an image file, for writing to a USB stick. Instructions for doing that, and booting the computer from the USB stick, are here:

If you want to read a bit of background, an introduction to Easy OS is here:

However, usage is very easy: just write the file to a USB stick, then bootup. Then you will have a GUI desktop, and off you go.

New features

There are a couple of new features that I would like to draw your attention to:

  1. QuickSamba
    This is an icon on the desktop, labeled "share", and is a simple one-stop-shop to setup and use file sharing over a network. Read more:
  2. DropboxGUI
    This is a file manager for reading and writing files from and to Dropbox. Read more:


So far, there is only one bug that I am aware of. In PKGget Package Manager (also known as PPM), there are two extra package repositories shown, "oe-pyro-officialPREV1" and "pet-common". They are not supposed to be there, just ignore them.


If you find any bugs, or just want to join in the discussion, please go here:

Have fun!

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