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MVpower 5V 5W ultra-light solar panel

December 21, 2017 — BarryK

Planning to go hiking again soon, and was reminded of a very light-weight solar panel discovered by 'kimperator':


Back in February 2016, I obtained a "5 watt" 5V panel, model SE05, that weighed 127gm, which I cut down to 92gm:

We were discussing these panels on the Aussie bushwalking site, and kimperator posted about his discovery, that he reported weighs just 84gm, and he recorded about the same output as my SE05, that is, around 4.7V at 0.7A, which is 3.3W.

This is too good to resist. It is not specifically stated that the USB output is regulated to 5V -- as I have reported in the above post, that is potentially a problem if not. We shall see.

I ordered it from here, cost was US$13.03 including postage to Australia by Singapore Post:

It can also be found on eBay: 1 2  

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