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Problems with JWM window manager

December 28, 2017 — BarryK

I have been using JWM 2.3.7 in recent builds of Quirky and Easy, however, have encountered rather a lot of bugs. The most recent report was choosing the "Move" option from the right-click menu in a window title-bar crashing JWM -- which brings down all of X.

So, I have been compiling and testing the latest from github, but this has not been smooth sailing, as I have reported to the Puppy Forum:

So, with revision 1675, ~/.jwmrc needs new <Mouse> tags, else is broken. It looks like Joe will fix that, so it defaults to working without those tags.

I keep thinking that I liked the old revision 976... it was pretty rock solid. I hunted through the Pup Forum for any reports of bugs with 976...

666philb reported 976 fixed a bug:

Ah, I recall someone mentioned this one... Hesse James reported 976 cannot properly display additional vertical trays:

For the JWMDesk app, radky commented about an icon-sizing problem with vertical panels in 976:

Incidentally, radky is continuing to support older versions of JWM in his JWMDesk.

Tags: easy, quirky, linux