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Cheap Be 16GB USB3 Flash drive is very fast

January 29, 2018 — BarryK

Putting this info out there, for anyone in Australia who is interested. Right now, Bigw is selling some USB Flash drives for half-price.

This includes the Be 16GB USB3 stick, at AU$11:


Be is Bigw's internal brand.

I bought one of these yesterday, and this morning used the 'easydd' utility to write an image file to the drive. This utility reports the write speed, and I got 27.8MB/s.

This is phenomenal. Another well-known brand cheap 16GB USB3 Flash drive that I bought a little while ago, gave only about 9MB/s.

Then there's some cheap USB2 drives that are as low as 3 - 5MB/s.

The reason that this is important is that if you are going to run Linux from a USB Flash drive, if the drive gives less than about 7MB/s write speed, you will have very unsatisfactory user experience, very sluggish.

Another important point, that I have reported many times, is that the theoretical read/write speeds of USB2 interfaces is above what these Flash drives are giving, so my Be 16GB USB3 drive will have almost the same speed in a USB2 socket.

Note, this Be drive has an Innostor chip. I have reported on these before. They are very fast, made in Taiwan.

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