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Network upgrading for Frisbee 1.4.7

February 23, 2018 — BarryK

The latest and earlier releases of EasyOS and Quirky have Frisbee, version 1.1-20130415-modified, a network manager developed by Puppy Forum member 'Jemimah', with improvements by various people including forum member 'rerwin'.

rerwin (Richard Erwin) has continued to develop Frisbee, and has now reached version 1.4.7, see forum thread here:

rerwin has looked at EasyOS 0.7 and determined what needs to be updated to support Frisbee 1.4.7:

I have worked through rerwin's changes, and have applied all of it to woofQ, so the next releases of EasyOS and Quirky will have it.

The old Frisbee PET has been retired. I renamed it to, and have kept it in the 'noarch' repository.

Easy and Quirky will now be built with

rerwin posted changes to /usr/local/frisbee/disconnect and /etc/init.d/frisbee, however, as those files are from the old frisbee PET, they are now removed.

These are all the files modified by rerwin, that are upgraded in woofQ:

/usr/sbin/connectwizard, connectwizard_2nd, network_default_connect, networkdisconnect

I am expecting the next release to be EasyOS Pyro64 0.7.4, in a few days. It will have the above network upgrades, plus the pup-event service manager. The former adds a new enhanced choice for network connection, the latter should be an un-noticed under-the-hood thing.

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