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pup_event Service Manager

February 23, 2018 — BarryK

I posted recently about investigations into "service managers", in the context of starting and stopping services, such as CUPS, Samba and SSH daemons, as dependencies are met or not met.

Unsatisfied with what is available, I have developed my own system. Actually, this was in the back of my mind when I originally created pup_event, a background hotplugging and IPC messaging/synchronization system for Puppy circa 2013.

pup_event Service Manager starts and stops the services in /etc/init.d, determined by dependencies rather than just alphabetical order. It is a tiny implementation, in terms of very tiny resource usage and tiny file size. Extreme efficiency, event-driven. Also very simple to understand and use.

Documentation will be in upcoming EasyOS and Quirky releases, in /usr/local/pup_event, however, I have also uploaded the doc files:

...that second link describes the pup_event IPC that I implemented in Puppy Linux circa 2013, but recently it has been removed from the woof-CE builds of Puppy.

So, this Service Manager will only be in the next releases of EasyOS and Quirky. However, it will be possible to create a PET package for other pups and puplets.

Tags: easy, quirky