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Euro Glider caravan

March 12, 2018 — BarryK

How about this, a 9ft caravan with ensuite!


These are made in Poland, brand name Niewiadow, and imported into Australia as the Euro, and the UK as the Freedom.

What got me thinking about this, is last time that I went camping with my tent, it took almost an hour to set everything up. Put up the tent, unpack everything from the car. Hunt around in various boxes, "where did I put that?", etc.

Wouldn't it be nice, I thought, just to stop the car, get out, open the caravan door, and that's it. Have an arvo snooze if I want, whatever.

Maybe I'm getting lazy.

Anyway, it is quite incredible what can be fitted into 9ft. I haven't seen inside this one, just pictures and videos, but I have looked inside the next-up model, 10ft long. I am 5ft 10inches, 178cm, and ceiling height on both of these is about 180cm, so I just make it.

I think that 180cm is with the popup hatch down, so with it up, a taller person would fair better. This video shows a tall person inside the UK variant:

...that's the 3-berth, without ensuite. Here is a video of the one with ensuite, UK variant again:

The Australian distributor for the Euro is here:

UK distributor for the Freedom:

Note, comparing the Euro Glider and Freedom Microlite, the models with ensuite are slightly different layout. Fridge and clothes-closet are on opposite sides. I reckon the Euro is a better choice, with fridge on door-side.

I think that something like the Glider is a much better choice than a tear-drop caravan or camper-trailer, where you have outside kitchen, in fact have to do most things outside, just go inside to sleep.
But, I guess that depends on your preferences, some would say that going camping means being outside a lot.

Anyway, it is fun to look at this kind of stuff!

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