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Qsync now handled by pup_event Service Manager

March 03, 2018 — BarryK

Qsync is my app for synchronizing the time from the Internet, see blog post November 2016:

Prior to that, I was using tasmod's Psync:

...which I think most of the pups are still using.

The problem with Psync is that it expects the Internet to be up. At installation. '' is copied into /root/Startup, so it runs when X starts. For ethernet, it expects the Internet to be up immediately, for wireless, has a "sleep 15".

With Qsync, I fixed the problem of only running after the network is up, by launching it from network_tray. This is a C program, that runs in the tray, and it was version 3.2.1.

Now however, I have generic mechanism to run services when dependencies are met, so I have reverted network_tray to version 3.1 (and bumped it to v3.3). /etc/eventmanager now has this:


And I have created a script /etc/init.d/qsync to launch /usr/sbin/qsync

That's it, pretty simple.

Note that Qsync is one-shot, as it just runs 'ntpdate' once at startup, to sync local time. No more sync'ing occurs while Easy/Quirky is running.

Note also, Qsync has a GUI, in the menu "Desktop --> Qsync set time from Internet".

Tags: easy, quirky