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Gnome-MPV multimedia player for EasyOS

April 02, 2018 — BarryK

I posted about compiling Qt5-based SMPlayer and MPC-Qt multimedia players:

However, I am reluctant to include Qt5 in a build of EasyOS, due to it's size. Instead, I asked, are there any GTK frontends for MPV?

Yes, there is one, Gnome-MPV, written in C, but it wants GTK3. Project page:

I have been holding out, all apps in EasyOS use GTK2. time to capitulate, I guess.

I compiled GTK3 and Gnome-MPV, and it is a very pleasant surprise. A very simple and clean UI, plays my test videos nicely.

It also played a DVD. Clicked on the "+" icon, selected "Open location", then typed in "dvd://", yay, "The Lost Room" started playing.

Gnome-MPV will be in the next release of EasyOS Pyro64, along with GTK3. I won't post the PETs here, as there is a bit of needed icon infrastructure that will be in the next build.

So, we can compare with Xine-UI multimedia player, and decide if one of them should go -- coz, I am adding more and more packages to the build, getting fatter.

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