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Audacious now in Easy Pyro

May 19, 2018 — BarryK

This is one for the audiophiles!

With Easy Pyro, I have been throwing in everything, lots of heavy-duty apps. The build has grown to 401MB, which, several years ago would have been considered way overweight by Puppy standards. The oldtimers will recall when Puppy was only 20MB!

These days though, with beginner-PCs having at least 2GB RAM, I am not so worried about the size, more about providing an out-of-the-box complete experience.

The recent Easy Pyro releases have a bit of a gap. The current release, 0.9.1, has Xine-ui and Gnome-MPV multimedia players, which do a pretty good job as music players. However, there is room here for a dedicated music player.

Most pups have Pmusic, our in-house music player created by zigbert. Some pups have Aqualung. However, I decided to do something different this time, and have gone for Audacious.

Audacious is a fully-featured music player, with heaps of plugins to do just about everything that an audiophile would want. I googled around, and found Audacious to be highly rated. Website:

I compiled it with GTK2, and also compiled 'audacious-plugins', and added a new dependency, 'mpg123' (for playing mp3 files).

The GUI is nice, but there were some icons missing. Fixed that. One thing, audacious-plugins has skins, but I couldn't see anywhere how to choose a skin.

Easy Pyro is accumulating the big apps, and still keeping the download size reasonably small. We have gimp, inkscape, libreoffice, dia, ...yeah, well, the list goes on. Any other gap in the collection?

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