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Easy Beaver 0.9.2 released

May 15, 2018 — BarryK

For awhile now, I have been building EasyOS from binary packages compiled in my fork of OpenEmbedded. Those binary packages were imported into woofQ, my Easy (and Quirky) distro builder.

However, woofQ, like the woof-CE used for Puppy Linux, can build with any binary packages. So, I have done a build using Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver DEB packages, and named it "Easy Beaver".

It is an interesting thing to do, that some users might like, as the PETget Package Manager (known as Puppy Package manager in Puppy Linux) then has access to the huge Ubuntu DEB package repositories.

Easy Beaver 0.9.2 can be downloaded from here:

It is an image that you can write to a USB stick, as described here:

There are probably bugs, as it has had minimal testing. In particular, I don't know if all apps have their required dependencies.

There is also, something very odd. Click the icon on the desktop labeled "sfsget", to download the "devx" file, to turn Easy Beaver into a complete development environment. I did that, and compiled Geany (text editor) 1.33, choosing to link against the gtk2 libs.

However, it linked against the gtk3 libs. I can't see how that happened. The Geany configure script reported that it was using gtk2, somehow Ubuntu subverted that.

You are welcome to test and report to the forum here:

I have lots of plans for improving EasyOS, and want to get back to that. The above exercise has been a temporary diversion.

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