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EasyOS built with Flatpak support, take-1

June 16, 2018 — BarryK

I have posted about compiling the 'flatpak' package and its dependencies:

And generation of the signed-key pair needed to use Flatpak:

I had compiled 'flatpak' and several dependencies in a running EasyOS, so yesterday and today I ported them to my fork of OpenEmbedded. See the commits for June 16 and June 14, 2018:

The packages are:

flatpak, libseccomp, npth, libassuan, pinentry, appstream-glib, rng-tools, gnupg1-static (statically compiled 'gpg' utility, used in initrd), gpgme, gnupg, gcab, ostree, polkit105 (polkit version 0.105), libsoup, glib-networking

These were imported into woofQ and EasyOS built.

Now for a sanity test. Booting from a USB-stick, pristine first-boot, typed this in a terminal (requires Internet access):

# flatpak remote-add flathub
# flatpak install asked to confirm, I entered "y", then off it went. This time I watched the download, it was 566MB ...yikes!

Now to run it:

# flatpak run org.kde.krita


What I want to do next, is create a nice GUI. Probably will replace "petget" icon on the desktop with "appget", to run the Flatpak GUI.
When a Flatpak app is chosen, I want it to automatically install as an Easy Container, with icon on the desktop. So, each Flatpak app will run in its own container. This already happens, with Bubblewrap, but EasyContainers is more efficient, and from a tentative examination even looks more secure. times ahead!

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