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aarch64 packages imported into woofQ from OE

July 24, 2018 — BarryK

I have compiled a heap of packages in oe-qky-src, my port of OpenEmbedded, cross-compiled on a x86_64 host PC, for a aarch64 target.

These packages have been imported into woofQ, and uploaded. Here they are:

What I would like to do is boot a aarch64 Easy/Quirky distro on my RPi3. Want to get it going quickly, and the easiest way will be to use the Bamarni Pi64 Debian-based aarch64 distro:

...that is for the RPi3 B-model, which is what I have. There is a later B+ model, which the Bamarni Pi64 currently doesn't work on, but another chap has a fork of Bamarni Pi64 that does:

It should be possible to replace the Bamarni Pi64 files on the SD-card with the Quirky build. My build doesn't have any hardware acceleration, just the framebuffer driver, software-rasterized openGL, etc., but it will get me going.

Will post a progress report soon!

EDIT 20180725
Yay, got a desktop at second bootup. Needed a little fix, wasn't loading the Xorg fbdev driver. Lovely, sound works on my TV (using HDMI input),

So far, just one problem, the QuickSetup window renders with everything upside-down. That is, the "OK" button is at the top of the window. It is still usable. I do recall this problem from ages ago, but not the solution. QuickSetup uses gtkdialog for the GUI rendering.

Tags: easy, quirky