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Gxlat language translator

July 28, 2018 — BarryK

This is brilliant! Puppy Forum member vovchik developed this around 2011/2012, however, Google changed to a paid service.

Recently, vovchik has figured out a way around this, so we can still use it for free, using a special script named 'trans'. originally, Gxlat had compiled binaries, however, now is just two shell scripts, and gtkdialog and gxmessage are used for the GUI, which we have in all the pups.

Here is the forum thread:

The latest PET, posted 10 July 2018, has some problems. The file was corrupted, but I was still able to expand it, the icon is missing from /usr/share/pixmaps, and it presents itself as version 0.2b.

There is an earlier version that is 0.3, so I have created a PET and it presents itself as version 0.4. I put in the icon, and modified the gxlat.desktop file slightly -- one thing, put it into the Document menu (sub-section utility), as this is less crowded.

Here is the PET (45KB):

This will be in the next release of EasyOS and Quirky. This is really nice vovchik, much appreciated!

Tags: easy, quirky, linux