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EasyOS 32-bit version 0.9.6

August 22, 2018 — BarryK

A couple of people have recently asked me whether I will be releasing a 32-bit EasyOS. I wasn't going to, as have been attempting to be more focused in the development. However, a 32-bit, i686, build does not take much extra effort, a couple of days.

Most of the packages are compiled automatically in my fork of OpenEmbedded. Some, such as SeaMonkey and the kernel, I still have to compile manually. Have not ported all the Qt5 apps into OE either.

I have left Qt5 and the Qt5-apps out of this build. The two main ones are Scribus desktop publishing and Symhytum simple database, both of which are in the 64-bit 0.9.6 release.

If there are any peculiarities to it, specific to being 32-bit, I can't give that much attention. I just did a quick run through the apps and utilities, they seem to be functional. I get a nice desktop, looks good. Still on the "green" theme.

Bootup is not UEFI-aware, it is for legacy booting, intended for ye olde computers prior to 2012. Though, with 4.14.65 kernel, should boot up on recent PCs. 4GB RAM limit!

Though, it might be 32-bit UEFI-aware, if you have one of those.

So, if you want a i686 EasyOS, here it is:

There are some release notes at the 64-bit 0.9.6 announcement:

Forum feedback will be in the same thread: 

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