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First go at evaluating LittlevGL

August 19, 2018 — BarryK

As posted about a couple of days ago on this blog, I have an interest in creating small GUI apps that will talk directly to the Linux framebuffer. Here is the post:

I tentatively narrowed the choices down to LittlevGL, uGFX and Nuklear. LittlevGL looks great, so giving it a go. The website:

The "PC simulator" looks like a good starting point:, I followed the instructions. Installed Eclipse IDE, etc. Got to this part:

Now you are ready to run the Littlev Graphics Library on your PC. Click on the Hammer Icon on the top menu bar to Build the project. If you have done everything right you will not get any errors. Note that on some systems additional steps might be required to "see" SDL 2 from Eclipse but in most of cases the configurtions in the downloaded project is enough.

After a success build click on the Play button on the top menu bar to run the project. Now a window should appear in the middle of your screen.

Now everything is ready to use the Littlev Graphics Library in the practice or begin the developement on your PC., no, that didn't work. Yeah, the "Hammer Icon" part is OK, it reported a successful build, however, the "Play" button did nothing. Searched the source, couldn't find the compiled files anywhere. Hmmm...

It turned out, the instructions are incomplete, extra steps are required, as explained on YouTube:

However, decided to start again, from scratch. I was not drawn to the Eclipse IDE, it seemed unnecessarily complex, and bloated, requiring Java JRE. Will attempt to do it from  a terminal only.

To keep a clean separation, will create another blog post...

LVGL evaluation Part-2 here:

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