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Rock64 rocks

August 29, 2018 — BarryK

There was a blog post about ordering the Rock64 64-bit ARM 4GB RAM board:

It arrived yesterday, and quickly got it running. Downloaded an image for SD-card, replaced the files with my aarch64 Quirky Pyro files, and it runs great.

used 'memtester', tested 3600MB of RAM, all OK. That's good, as there was some customer reports of bad RAM.

Compiled SeaMonkey, Inkscape, Scribus, all OK. Subjectively, no faster than my RPi3B, however, the 4GB RAM makes the Rock64 suitable for big compiles, such as SeaMonkey.


...the photo shows everything plugged in and running. Tiny stick-on heatsink purchased with the board -- heavy-duty compiling, just warm to touch -- the tray temperature applet wasn't working during the compiling, but have now fixed it.

The "64" is a 64GB eMMC module, taken out of my Odroid XU4 board. It is recognised, but not yet used.

A 1TB USB hard drive is plugged into the USB3 socket, where all the compiling action took place. No problems there, the 5V 3A universal power supply purchased with the board works fine.

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