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Kernel 4.14.73, ethernet bridge

September 30, 2018 — BarryK

I am currently working on Easy Containers in EasyOS, mostly targeting improving security. It is now uses the 'pflask' utility, that I posted about here:

One security step is to enable 'network namespace' for the container, and use a 'ethernet bridge' to access the physical network interface. However, I found that my Linux kernel is not configured correctly. So, have just now compiled the 4.14.73 kernel, running EasyOS, with these turned on:

[*] networking support
         Networking options
<*> IPV6 support
<*> 802.1D Ethernet bridging
<*> 802.1Q VLAN support

Note, previously, IPV6 support was a module, but to configure ethernet bridging to be built-in, had to change IPV6 to built-in.

I will probably post a little tutorial on how I setup the bridge, after figuring it out.

The kernel source, with patches and build scripts is here:

...'DOTconfig-4.14.73.gz' is the latest '.config' file. There is another 'DOTconfig-4.14.73' inside the 'build-kernel-4.14.73.tar.gz' tarball, that does not have the above ethernet bridge support.

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