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libseccomp bumped, cgroups in kernel

September 22, 2018 — BarryK

Now returning to developing EasyContainers, after a lapse of a couple of months. Well, I think it is getting on to about two months since I last dabbled in them.

Preparing the ground, so to speak, I want to have 'libseccomp' in EasyOS. The package is already compiled in 'oe-qky-src', my fork of OpenEmbedded, as it was needed for Flatpak (universal packages) support (that I experimented with a couple of months ago).

I have bumped 'libseccomp' from 2.3.1 to 2.3.3, see commits:

I have also compiled the 4.14.71 kernel in EasyOS Pyro, with more support for cgroups. Previously, had only enabled "Device controller" support in cgroups (General setup -> Control group support), have now enabled these as well:

Memory controller
IO controller
CPU controller
PIDs controller
RDMA controller
Simple CPU accounting controller

The previous kernel build had "User namespaces" enabled (General setup -> Namespaces support). I have now disabled that, but the other namespaces are still enabled.

Note, have also done the same for the 4.18.9 kernel, that I compiled yesterday for the Quirky builds.

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