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Locator map and satellite viewer

September 12, 2018 — BarryK

Puppy Forum member Geoffrey has created this great frontend for Google Maps:

It only needs 'yad' and 'gtkdialog', so is a tiny PET package, and will work in all pups.

There was a problem with recent versions of librsvg, now fixed. The fixed PET, with a few small tweaks, is here (9.4KB):

My tweaks are tiny: it was in the Utility menu, and looked out-of-place, so I moved it to Network -> utility, which is a tad better, but also the Network category in the menu is very under-populated.

I also changed the 'pet.specs' file to show the deps "+yad,+gtkdialog".

The dep 'yad' can be found in the PPM (Package Manager), if not already installed (type "which yad" in a terminal to find out).

Locator will be in next release of EasyOS and Quirky.

Tags: easy, quirky