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pflask, chroot on steroids

September 27, 2018 — BarryK

Yesterday I posted a list of URLs about low-level grass-roots container creation:

One of those is Pflask, and I am liking it very much. It can be used as simply as a drop-in replacement for 'chroot', or a lot more. Here is the project home page:

Man page:

Source code:

The problem for me with containers, is that it is such a complex topic. It is a full-time job in itself, whereas I just take a look at Easy Containers (in EasyOS) every now and again. I do need to leaverage off other work, and 'ghedo' has done a brilliant job. I have been testing Pflask and am impressed by the simplicity and yet featureful.

Note, there are some patches here, don't know if any of them are useful: 

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