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Chromium browser PET improved

October 15, 2018 — BarryK

I posted recently about creating a PET package of the Chromium web browser, for use in Easy:

There has been some feedback on it. FeodorF informed me about /etc/chromium/00-default.conf, where commandline options may be specified, so they don't have to actually be on the commandline. I have put this into the file:

CHROMIUM_FLAGS="--test-type --no-sandbox"

EDIT 2018-10-16: see below about "--test-type"

Chromium defaults to downloading and saving files to '/root/Downloads'. For Easy, want that to be '/mnt/wkg/home/downloads' for downloads, and '/mnt/wkg/home' for saving files, as '/mnt/wkg/home' is where all personal files are intended to be located.

There does not seem to be any commandline options to specify those paths, cannot find any official way to do it, so improvised this: in the PET, created file root/.config/chromium/Default/Preferences, with just this in it (and no CR on end of line):


At first startup, Chromium will read that file. Although I only put in a tiny portion of what goes into that file, no problem, Chromium will write to it with everything else.

Another tester, belham2, reported being unable to move Chromium into a container. Yes, it can be downloaded inside the "desk" container, using the package manager, that works great. However, if Chromium is installed in the host desktop, then the 'Easy Container Manager' run (Filesystem menu), there is no listing for chromium, so it cannot be made into its own container.
The reason is, it got filtered out as the 'easy-containers' script does not like the "EXEC=chromium --no-sandbox" line in the 'chromium.desktop' file -- it rejects a line with a space character in it.
The new PET has "EXEC=chromium", no space character, so now all should be good.

Here is the new PET, the "bk3" designates it is my modifications (87.3MB): 

Any problems, please post to the new forum:  

EDIT 2018-10-16
The "--no-sandbox" is needed to run in Easy, however it causes a warning message to appear at the top of the Chromium window, "You are using an unsupported commandline flag" -- very annoying, and it has to be manually closed.
I googled, and found how to suppress the warning message, by the "--test-type" parameter, as posted here:!topic/chromium-discuss/O4WpwWvGz4A

I had previously scanned through this list of the commandline flags:

...and the description of "--test-type" does not have any hint of what it can actually do. A bit more of a hint here:

Anyway, thanks to the guy who discovered this switch! The PET is now "bk3". 

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