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Chromium web browser for EasyOS

October 07, 2018 — BarryK

There was a post from a tester of Easy, who tried to run Chromium web browser, but it needed 'pulseaudio'. There is a workaround, to meet that dependency, when we don't want pulseaudio, that is named 'apulse':

I have compiled apulse in Easy Pyro64, the PET is here (53KB):

I have never been able to compile Chromium, so grabbed the Slackware 14.2 x86_64 package, and made it into a PET (87.3MB):

If you run "chromium" from a terminal, you will see lots of error messages. These are due to missing 'upower' package. They are non-fatal though. I did experiment, compiled upower, but have not made it into a PET.

I will create a thread in the forum for feedback, let me know if there are any problems:

Note that the apulse PET is for the Pyro build of easy only, it may not work in the Beaver build -- in that case, there should be a DEB somewhere.

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