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Easy Containers simple and expert modes

October 03, 2018 — BarryK

I posted yesterday about an improvement to security in Easy Containers, using a macvlan bridge for Internet access:

This is an ongoing project. Developing a container system from basic principles, rather than just follow everyone else and use something like Docker, is a challenge. There is a certain satisfaction to doing it, just as there is a satisfaction in compiling all of the packages used in EasyOS from source, rather than build a distro from the binary packages of one of the mainline distros (as everyone else does!).

For the Easy Containers GUI (in Filesystem menu), I have introduced "Simple" and "Expert" tabs. This is a snapshot showing the Expert tab:


Note the new "Access" section. There is a checkbox to disable network (and hence Internet) access, and a checkbox to enable a shared folder -- that is, choose any folder in the host system and it will available in the container, as /shared-folder.

This shared-folder thing is a convenience. Actually, the host system can look inside any running container and access any folder.

As mentioned previously, I am now using the 'pflask' utility, which is looking good. The only issue that I have right now is that the containers are locked down a bit too much and sound is not working ...will get onto that.

Regarding the Simple tab, there is nothing in it yet. I propose that it will have some very simple choices, like do you want Internet access, fast versus slower-but-more-secure, etc.

EDIT 2018-10-6
Sound is fixed, and I added a checkbox to the GUI. Just had to bind /dev/snd into the container and copy-in /etc/asound.state.

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