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New website for EasyOS

October 05, 2018 — BarryK

I have registered the domain name, and added it as a new website to my shared hosting account with My experience with Omnis has been very good. I only have a cheap shared-hosting account, but it is "unlimited everything" and so far that's what it has been. Everything just works, no hassles. Have contacted tech support a couple of times, once when I first created the account, and just now, a PHP problem when installed the forum, and got satisfaction.

I intend to migrate my EasyOS pages to the new URL, for now, have just got one page, here:

...I thought about creating this summary list recently, when someone sent me an email asking if there was such a summary anywhere. Now there is!

I announced recently that I will be moving away from using the Puppy Forum for announcing and discussing releases of Easy. That has now happened, presenting the brand-new EasyOS Forum:

It is intended to be very low-traffic, just for Easy, though limited discussion of other topics is OK, as long as I don't have to get too distracted with administration and moderation!

I intend to still hang out on the Puppy Forum, and contribute. If I do mention Easy, it will only be an oblique reference, and if I do want to announce anything to do with Easy, will do so in the "Off Topic" section.

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