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Plans for Easy releases

October 09, 2018 — BarryK

There is a new option in the boot menu, "Rollback to pristine first bootup", in addition to "Rollback to last saved session".

The reason for this, is some testers have reporting the system getting messed up somehow, and it won't boot to the desktop. Until I can find out why these problems are happening, this new boot option will enable recovery. It simply wipes the .session folder, meaning that it is like you are booting up for the first time. So, any installed packages will be gone. This does not touch /mnt/wkg/home, the folder where you would normally keep personal files.

Anyway, about releases of Easy. The latest is 0.9.6, and I am gradually working toward 1.0. Lots of thing may change between now and then, so rollback, roll-forward, upgrades, maybe other stuff, might not work properly. The intention is that the underlying infrastructure will be frozen at 1.0, so rollback, etc., should work nicely from then on. Until then, each release will have to be treated as a fresh new install.

So, how far away is 1.0? I have a shortlist of essential infrastructure things, at this stage four items, but I cannot predict when they will be done. Might be mostly there in, say, a week, and plan to release 0.9.7.

I reported about 'glamoregl' causing Xorg to crash:

...not sure what to do about that. I could try upgrading Xorg, again, but reluctant to do that yet. Or, remove the 'glamoregl' module, which will result in software rendering of OpenGL, at least for the Xorg 'modesetting' driver.

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