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SeaMonkey delay at startup fixed

October 22, 2018 — BarryK

Ha ha, a relative, a chap who is an IT manager for a travel agency, was visiting my place, and I was demonstrating containers in EasyOS. I showed how an entire desktop can be in a container, then I was showing that I can just click on an icon in the deskto-container, and I chose "www" icon, which is SeaMonkey ...and nothing happened, it didn't start.

It did, after an embarrassingly long time. I quit SM, started it again, still took a long time. Hmmm, a consistent delay. So, it is timing-out, waiting for something at startup. The immediate thought is the Internet, but SM in the main host filesystem is not delayed by lack of Internet.

Well, in this case, there is a network connection via ethernet cable to the router, however, my Internet is through my phone hotspot, and that was turned off. In the container, the network connection is through a macvlan tunnel, to the eth0 port.

After turning on the phone hotspot, SM started immediately in the container.

So, what is SM trying to do at startup, that requires Internet access? I checked the Preferences, and these checkboxes are ticked:

Software Installation
[*] Allow websites to install add-ons and updates
[*] Automatically check for updates [*]Daily [ ]Weekly
[*] Automatically download and install the updates
[*] Personalize add-on recommendations

I have unticked the two auto check and download, now SM starts fast in the container.

Tags: easy