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Automatic fixing of BOOT_SPECS for frugal install

November 29, 2018 — BarryK

Yesterday I posted about frugal installation:

One slight difficulty for newcomers is that the 'BOOT_SPECS' file inside 'initrd.q' has to be manually edited.

Now, when click on 'initrd' (I have changed the name from 'initrd.q' to just 'initrd'), the BOOT_SPECS file is automatically examined and fixed. I tested, placed the files into a hard drive partition:


...see my dumb icon, representing "boot" -ing Easy. Anyway, click on the icon, and the handler script (/usr/sbin/edit-initramfs) detects that BOOT_SPECS needs to be fixed, and offers:


Choosing "Yes":


...if click "Yes", then 'initrd' will be updated with the fixed 'BOOT_SPECS'. If click "No", then 'initrd' is opened up in the normal way and can be manually edited.

This makes frugal installation very easy. The only remaining difficulty for newcomers is installing of a boot manager such as Grub. I might put Grub4dos into Easy, as that works well for PCs with traditional BIOS.

EDIT 20181201:
Those Q_DISTRO* variables were named in the Quirky Linux days. Have now renamed them to INIT_DISTRO*  

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