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dir2sfs take-2

November 02, 2018 — BarryK

I posted recently about the new 'dir2sfs' utility for EasyOS:

Much "water under the bridge" since then!

The "Puppy database format" is now abandoned, for SFS files anyway. The 'dir2sfs' utility is for anyone who wants to create and SFS file from a folder, and invocation would be in a terminal:

# dir2sfs <name of folder>

Which will bring up this window:


...the Help button explains each of these modes. The "terminal" mode will create an icon on the desktop that will launch the container as a terminal window. The next window:


...lots of fields, but pretty straight-forward and plenty of Help buttons. Note that the online URL is not specified, decided it is unwise to hard-code it. But, the folder-path at the URL is specified. Next Window:


...actually, for 'devx' this is too locked-down. Haven't got into considering compiling inside a container yet. These snapshots are just illustrative of what the dir2sfs GUIs look like.

Finally, a SFS file is created. In the above example, it would be 'devx_0.9.7.1_amd64.sfs'. Container security and other settings are in the folder /.control inside the SFS file. The SFS file can be placed into the online repo, stay tuned!

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