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EasyOS 0.9.8 released

November 14, 2018 — BarryK

This is a very exciting release, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the move away from the traditional package manager to a manager based on SFS files and containers. Secondly, the new network manager.

For reference, you might like to browse the release notes for version 0.9.7, on October 14:

Version 0.9.8 is available courtesy of

The download file is an image for writing to a USB flash stick. If uncertain how to do this, here is some guidance:

It is great for me that Linux development has become exciting again, as Easy evolves into something unique, powerful, and ...well, exciting. The special features with this release:


The new preferred package manager is SFSget, introduced in a blog post a few days ago:

After booting 0.9.8, click on the "sfsget" icon at top of screen, and have fun. You can download Racy Puppy and run it as a complete desktop, in its own container. There's more, such as Chromium and Firefox.

Currently, it is easy to create SFS packages for Puppy distros based on JWM and ROX-Filer. So, I intend to create some more... maybe XenialPup.


I posted yesterday about ongoing issues with all of the network-connection managers in Easy, Quirky and the Puppy distros:

When you boot 0.9.8, if an ethernet cable is plugged in, which gets to the Internet, then everything should be automatic. That is, nothing to do.

In the case of wifi, some configuration is required. Click the "connect" icon on the desktop, and a simple text-mode GUI, named 'nmtui', will display. This should do the trick, then connection should be automatic after that.

Note, if you want to see what wifi networks are available, in case the nmtui GUI doesn't show it, run this in a terminal:

# nmcli device wifi list

If no joy, try again:

# nmcli device wifi rescan
# nmcli device wifi list

You can also bring a wifi connection up and down:

# nmcli connection up id ssid have to substitute the appropriate ssid.

Bug fixes and warnings

0.9.8 is still considered beta-quality, even alpha-quality in a few places. As there are many changes under-the-hood, do not attempt to upgrade from an earlier version, treat this as a new installation.

At least one tester reported being unable to install Easy to the hard drive in a laptop, even though followed my instructions. I have not yet reviewed this, plan to do so soon.

Internet connection in a container, for wifi, was broken in 0.9.7. Fixed with a temporary workaround.

Note, if /etc/init.d/rc.networkmanager is changed to not-executable, then reboot, the old network managers are restored. Just in case you prefer them!


EasyOS has a forum, I will start a 0.9.8 feedback thread here:

I am also still monitoring this thread in the Puppy Forum:

Further reading

For a quick overview of how and why EasyOS is different from other Linux distributions:

Documentation is here (will migrate to one day):

Have fun! 

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