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Linux kernel 4.14.81 compiled

November 18, 2018 — BarryK

Here we go again... another kernel compile. This time, I found that there are some extra configuration options required to support 'iwd', the new alternative to wpa_supplicant.

I posted about iwd earlier today:

The 4.14.79 kernel was compiled on November 9:

This time around, here are the changes;

Cryptographic API
<*> User-space interface for hash algorithms CONFIG_CRYPTO_USER_API_HASH
<*> Userspace cryptographic algorithm configuration CONFIG_CRYPTO_USER
<*> User-space interface for symmetric key cipher algorithms CONFIG_CRYPTO_USER_API_SKCIPHER

these were modules, changed to builtin:
{*} MD4 digest algorithm CONFIG_CRYPTO_MD4
{*} ARC4 cipher algorithm CONFIG_CRYPTO_ARC4
{*} DES cipher algorithm CONFIG_CRYPTO_DES
<*> SHA385 and SHA512 digest algorithm CONFIG_CRYPTO_SHA512

Security options
[*] Diffie-Hellman operations on retained keys CONFIG_KEY_DH_OPERATIONS

The kernel source, with patches and build scripts is here:

Should be setup for testing iwd tomorrow. 

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