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Macvlan bridge does not work for wifi

November 09, 2018 — BarryK

I posted how EasyOS is using Macvlan bridge for Internet access in containers:

However, testers have reported in the EasyOS Forum, that it does not work for wifi, only for ethernet. Yes, this page spells it out: states that for wifi, Macvlan does not work, use Ipvlan. They recommend to definitely use Macvlan for ethernet.

Right, "back to the drawing board"!

For those who are using EasyOS right now, there is a fix. For the example of the "desk" container, open /mnt/wkg/containers/desk/configuration in a text editor, and change this line to "false":


This is theoretically slightly less secure, however, wifi should then work in the container. Do this before starting the container.

What I intend to look into this afternoon, is detect if interface is wifi then implement Ipvlan instead of Macvlan. That's the intention anyway...

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