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Thanks for the donations

November 17, 2018 — BarryK

I greatly appreciate the support with EasyOS. You guys who do testing and bug-reporting are very helpful.

Easy is on the waiting-list at, and will require to be voted-up, otherwise it could sit in the waiting-list for a very long time, as has happened with some other distros. However, I don't want Easy to be voted-up just yet, as the current small group of testers is enough. Otherwise, I will be flooded.

Some people have chosen to give some money, and that is also helpful. I didn't have a donation button for years, then put it back in 2018. Since then, some donations have come in. I know at least one of these guys wants to remain anonymous, so just using first names, looking through my email history, here they are:

May 27: Ben US$40
Sept 6:   William US$20
Sept 20: Larry US$25
Oct:        Chris AU$100
Nov 15: Matt US$5

As I mentioned to Chris, his AU$100 came in just after I had paid US$65 for five years registration of, covering the cost nicely -- serendipity!

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