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Woof tarball 20181125

November 25, 2018 — BarryK

There was originally "puppy-unleashed", replaced by "woof", then "woof2", then the Puppy Community forked to "woof-CE" and I forked to "woofQ". This is the build system for creating puppies and derivatives.

When EasyOS came along, I was then using woofQ to build either Quirky or Easy. Today I decided to change the name to just "Woof". Also, Woof has been re-organized so that internally the Easy and Quirky build components are separate -- when the tarball is opened, you will find folders 'easyos' and 'quirky'.

Here is the latest Woof tarball. This is what was used to create EasyOS 0.9.9. Although there is a "bones" VCS, I have not maintained it, only uploading tarballs, including woof-project-20181125.tar.gz, here: 

Tags: easy, quirky