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Working toward Easy 0.9.9

November 22, 2018 — BarryK

Just a short post to let you know that there is something happening. Fundamental under-the-hood things.

One of those fundamental things is the renaming of 'q.sfs' to 'easy.sfs'. The use of "q" is from the Quirky days, and the name is not really appropriate for EasyOS.

SFS files now have start scripts inside them. There is now /.control, which contains zero to three start scripts. In the case of, say "xenialpup" SFS, there will be 'xenialpup', '' and 'xenial-pup-run-once-top' inside /.control. When the 'dir2sfs' script is run, these scripts get created, if needed.

In woof, the '3buildeasydistro' script, that creates 'easy.sfs', also creates these scripts.

The purpose is for use in containers, to formalize startup scripts when there are multiple SFS files stacked in a layer. In the case of XenialPup, the xenialpup_7.5_amd64.sfs has the above-mentioned scripts in it. When there is a "chroot" into the xenialpup container, the /.control/xenialpup script runs, which basically runs the desktop, ROX-Filer and JWM. and are run once only, or when the session is erased. They perform one-only setup, such as run 'depmod' if needed, or created the gdk-pixmap cache if needed.

The .run-once-base is run regardless, but the .run-once-top only if the SFS is the top layer.

Still thinking about some details. 

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