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Xenialpup 7.5 running in EasyOS

November 15, 2018 — BarryK

Yay, have added another Puppy to the SFS repository! Racy Puppy 5.5 was already there. Now, if you click on the "sfsget" icon on the desktop, Xenialpup will be offered to download and run in a container.

Xenialpup is created by Puppy Forum member 666philb, see discussion here:

To convert it into an SFS suitable to run in EasyOS, I opened up the ISO file and extracted the SFS file. Then extracted the contents of the SFS file to a folder, then ran the 'dir2sfs' script, as explained in this earlier blog post:

Note however, the 'dir2sfs' in Easy 0.9.8 was not quite adequate. Some fixes were required, due to changes in woofCE. I will upload the latest 'dir2sfs' soon. I also want to apply the 'dir2sfs' script to a very recent pup (Xenialpup 7.5 is the latest official release on, but was released in November 2017) -- the script might need some more tweaks.

It's online, so click the "sfsget" icon on the desktop, and Xenialpup is offered to download:


Download, install, and there is a new icon on the desktop:

image2 on "xenialpup" icon, and desktop launches;


...everything works!

One thing though, clicking the "install" icon runs the Puppy Package Manager, but first time it reported "already running" and quit, clicked the icon a second time, and the PPM launched. Dunno why.

Anyway, I installed 'gedit' from the Ubuntu DEB repository. Oh, had to update the package database first.

There are two great reasons for running Xenialpup in a container. Firstly, it is very locked-down, very secure. No access to the the hard drives, only '/shared-folder' is the means of reading/writing with the "outside world".

The second reason is binary compatibility with the Ubuntu Xenial Xerus (16.04) DEB repositories. So, if you want to run something that is not available in the very limited EasyOS package and SFS repositories, just run Xenialpup and browse the Ubuntu repos.

I also tested the Palemoon browser, the default in Xenialpup, and played a video at 720p at No problem there, and sound works.

Great fun! 

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