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CUPS+Gutenprint printing fixed

December 09, 2018 — BarryK

I reported yesterday that printing to my Canon MX310 printer does not work, using the CUPS+Gutenprint driver (which is what the CUPS web interface automatically selects):

The error-log showed "gs: no such file or directory", which I thought that I had fixed by creating a symlink, but no, the error is still in the log. But, ghostscript is installed, and 'gs' is there, at /usr/bin/gs.

Then a thought occurred: 'cups-filters' is compiled in 'oe-qky-src', my fork of OpenEmbedded. The 'ghostscript' package in oe-qky-src does not install 'gs', it installs 'gsc' and it is in Woof where I create a symlink, 'gs' to 'gsc'.
It could be that during configuration of the source, cups-filters cannot determine where 'gs' is and this is causing the failure to find it in the running EasyOS.

Anyway, I compiled the latest 'cups-filters', version 1.21.5, which also required 'qpdf' to be bumped to 8.2.1, and yay, printing works!

I have made both of those into PETs, which will be used in the next release, 0.9.11, but soon will have to go back to oe-qky-src and sort out what has gone wrong with configuring cups-filters.

So, good news. I am very tempted to buy ink cartridges, just so that I can see something printing! Officeworks has them:

...they are black. Duo, black and tri-colour cartridges:

Some inkjet printers won't work with only a black cartridge, which was the situation with mine 10 years go -- a nasty trick by the manufacture. Hopefully the Canon will print with just the black cartridge, so I would have to spend AU$35 ...that would be an indulgence, as I hardly ever need to print these days. 

EDIT 20181210:
Have updated and recompiled 'ghostscript', 'poppler', 'qpdf' and 'cups-filters' in oe-qky-src:

...and built a pre-release of Easy 0.9.11, printing to the Canon MX310 works.  So, no need to use the PETs. 

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