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EasyOS version 0.9.10 released

December 06, 2018 — BarryK

A lovely new version of EasyOS, for computers with 64-bit CPU. This is what has been named the "Pyro" series and has now reached version 0.9.10.

Lots of things have happened since 0.9.9, and I recommend browse through the blog posts.

Download from here, kindly hosted by;

There is a choice, either a USB-image file for writing to a USB-stick, or an ISO live-CD file. Yes, for the first time, Easy is now provided as a live-CD, see announcements here:

There is plenty of online documentation on how to write an ISO file to CD or DVD media, if you need it. If you need help with writing the USB-image to a USB-stick, see here:

Feedback is welcome, either to the EasyOS forum, or there is a thread on the Puppy Forum: 

Note, I have updated the "How and why EasyOS is different" page:

And there is a new tutorial for frugal installation:

Have fun! 

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