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Frugal install tutorial in UEFI computers updated

December 11, 2018 — BarryK

EasyOS tutorials were originally at, and I am gradually updating them and moving them to their new home.

Recently, the tutorial for frugal install on traditional-BIOS-firmware computers was updated and moved: 

Now, install for UEFI-firmware computers (which is all manufactured post-2012) has got the same treatment: 

The "take-2" part of the above tutorial, using an SD-card for the working-partition, will not work with EasyOS 0.9.10. The kernel needs to have the Realtek USB card reader drivers built-in to the kernel, not as modules. This will be in the next release, Easy 0.9.11.

The Mele PCG35 Apo can take a M.2 SSD, plus SATA SSD/HDD, internally, and this would offer another way to install Easy. An extremely easy way. The chap who runs CNX-Software has done a tear-down of the Mele, to show how drives can be installed:  

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