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Grub4Dos PET for EasyOS

December 01, 2018 — BarryK

I posted yesterday about a still-active fork of Grub4Dos, version 0.4.6a, that apparently has fixed the "64bit ext4" problem:

Well, I tested it, merged it into shinobar's Grub4dos PET, and when attempted to boot the installation (testing on my "new" Compaq Presario), got this:

Processing the preset menu ...

It seems to have read 'menu.lst', but then dropped to the grub prompt. Don't know what to do, so staying with Grub4dos 0.4.4.

It turns out that the "64bit ext4" problem is not likely to be encountered, at least not on older computers for which Grub4dos will be used.

Furthermore, I discovered that Gparted defaults to creating 32bit ext4 filesystems, as it runs:

mke2fs ... -O ^64bit ...

...the "^" means "do not enable what follows". That's great avoids hassles, so staying with shinobar's PET.

However, the PET has a script, /usr/sbin/grub4dosconfig, that does not recognise frugal installations of EasyOS. I also found that the v1.9.3 PET did not recognise a frugal installation of Racy Puppy 5.5, whereas the older v1.8.0 did.

Fixed both of those problems, and created a new PET, uploaded here (187KB):

...strictly, it is not really "noarch", as it does have a DOS binary executable.

This PET will be in the next release of Easy, version 0.9.10, coming soon. If you are running 0.9.9 or earlier, don't bother trying this PET, as 0.9.10 has some changes, for example, 'initrd.q' is now named 'initrd' -- which the Grub4dos PET now expects when looking for installed EasyOS. So, please wait until 0.9.10!

I hope that shinobar does not cringe too much if he reads some of the hacks I did in his script! :)  

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