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SFSget now supports upgrading

December 28, 2018 — BarryK

In the last couple of days I have uploaded new versions of Chromium and Firefox to the SFS repository in

SFSget downloaded the new SFS, but detected if there is already a container named "chromium" or "firefox" and did not install the new SFS. The user would have had to delete the container, using menu Filesystem -> Easy Container Management, then the new SFS could be installed.

Now, a pre-existing container is detected, and there is an offer to upgrade.

Upgrading is very simple. In the case of the "firefox" container, it is at /mnt/wkg/containers/firefox, and contains a symlink firefox.sfs which points to the actual SFS file. It is just a matter of changing this symlink, and the upgrade is done. 

SFSget will delete the old firefox SFS file, to reduce unnecessary clutter. 

Tags: easy