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Zarfy multiple monitor manager

December 24, 2018 — BarryK

Forum member 'blgs' drew my attention to Zarfy:

I looked up the project page:

Last release was version 0.1.0, in 2008. There are some patches here:

Tried to compile it, discovered that package 'gdk-pixbuf' was compiled in oe-qky-src (my fork of OpenEmbedded) with "--without-x11", which leaves something out that zarfy needs. So recompiled gdk-pixbuf, see fix here:

There is now a zarfy PET package, and it is integrated into XorgWizard. The PET is not yet uploaded, it won't work anyway, needs the fixed gdk-pixbuf. Zarfy will be in the next release of EasyOS.

There is a discussion thread on Zarfy in the Puppy Forum:

...contribution by one of our all-time-great developers, 'jemimah'. No longer involved with Puppy -- I wonder what she is doing these days?

Something else, also recompiled package 'qtbase' in oe-qky-src, with "accessibility" enabled. This is required for Qt5 apps to automatically use the gtk2 theme, using a plugin provided by package 'qtstyleplugins'. See here: 

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