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EasyOS 0.9.18 Portuguese build

January 12, 2019 — BarryK

I have created EasyOS 0.9.18, Portuguese (pt). Download from here:

Anyone fluent in Portuguese is invited to test this.

And, if you feel like it, get involved with improving the translations. This involves using MoManager, and creating a updated pt "langpack" PET.

You might like to read earlier blog posts:

For Puppy Linux, the main pt translator was vicmz (Puppy Forum member), so it is probably a good idea to liaise with him. Someone can decided to be the main guy for pt, though which others liaise.

The outcome should be an updated pt langpack PET. It will be too time-consuming for me to micro-manager each language build of EasyOS, so I want an updated langpack, that's it, just the one file, makes it easy for me, rather than people sending me lots of individual translations.

Note, this langpack will be different from the one in Puppy Linux, although there are many common apps and scripts. However, for this first pt build, I used an old Puppy Linux langpack PET, created by vicmz, dated 2013-01-10:

Furthermore, I won't keep releasing a language-specific build of EasyOS if there is no interest. Someone may only want to commit to being a translator for a short time, that's OK. 

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