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EasyOS 0.9.18, with German build

January 11, 2019 — BarryK

Momentous occasion!

As posted about recently, woofE, the easyOS builder, is now capable of non-English builds. I have started the ball rolling with the usual English build, plus German (de) build.

They can be downloaded from here:

Write to a USB-stick, instructions here:

The German build is ready-to-go, with just about everything translated. However, there are English strings here and there. In some cases, it is due to using an old de "langpack" PET, from 2015.

The invitation is open to contribute translations. This could be something simple, such as updating the translation for QuickSetup (that runs at first bootup, the script is /usr/sbin/quicksetup) -- as the translation is old, so some text is still in English.

The German translations have traditionally most been Lutz's baby (name on Puppy Forum is L18L), and if you translate something, liaise with him about it. The final aim will be to create a new de langpack.

You can use MoManager to manage translations, that you will find in the Utility menu. For now, use the "old" version, as it has some fixes for EasyOS.

0.9.18 de issues

The 0.9.18 de build has a couple of things that slipped through:

Some early bootup text strings (running the 'init' script in the initrd) are in English. There was a hiccup, the POT file is /usr/share/doc/nls/easyinitrd/easyinitrd.pot. The translation is at /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/, but I think I left an older .mo file there.

...MoManager can easily update it.

Another issue is that LibreOffice is not translated. I don't know what went wrong there. I had fixed it, but somehow the latest build has unfixed it.

fr, pt, builds coming

I plan to build some more language-specific builds over the next couple of days. Will do Google translations of a few scripts, to improve the initial impression.

Choice of what languages to build, depends on who is interested in getting involved. That is, test it and use MoManager to improve the translations.


There is an ongoing thread on the Puppy Forum: 

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